Der Kreis – Round trip | Exhibition&Workshops


29 octombrie - 25 noiembrie 2018

From November 2 until November 25, the Nuremberg artist group KREIS is invited to realize an exhibition project at the Multicultural Center of the Transilvania University of Brasov.
Six KREIS members will spend a week in Brașov, where they are going to develop works on site and realize installations in the exhibition space.

During that time, between October 29 and November 1, at 6 PM, the Multicultural Center will host several round table events allowing artists and art lovers to meet for lectures and talks. Every evening, one of the guests, as well as one or two artists from Brasov will also present their work. Visitors are also welcome to join the discussions, as well as the exhibition opening on November 2.

The exhibition aims to develop a closer contact between artists from Brasov and the Nuremberg artists in order to allow a more intensive exchange of contemporary art between the two cities, while also providing insight on contemporary Romanian art for a later exhibition in the KREIS Gallery.

Die KREIS is one of the most important and influential artist groups in Nuremberg. Founded in 1947, it recently celebrated 70 years of activity. Since the year 2000, the group runs the KREISGalerie at the Germanisches Nationalmuseum and is highly active in Germany, as well as in other European countries. It is supported by the FreundesKREIS e.V. 
Originally founded to improve exhibition opportunities for artists in the difficult postwar period, the group now focuses on international networking and Nuremberg artists.

Its composition is heterogeneous and is not dictated by a fixed artistic program. The resulting versatility of the artistic approaches of its 30 members allows the group to always have its finger on the pulse of the contemporary art debate.

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